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About Us

DreamOra is a real-time online Italian class platform where you can learn Italian from a qualified native teacher. We deliver an exceptional, highly accredited virtual education service that embraces current and student-centered learning.

We would like to invite you to embark on a journey to learn Italian with us.

DreamOra will always offer you our best support to achieve your dreams and passion.


We are more than a language online platform

Our vision for the company is to create an environment where people from all over the world can easily access great content and connect with each other for a very reasonable price. More than that we are working to provide an online platform with quality resources and services for anyone to use and start living their dream NOW. 

We are really proud of where we have arrived so fur with our language programs that is and always will be in expansion

We are now working towards providing a wide range of high-quality courses that Exide just the Italian Language


Learning is not something you should put aside because of the expensiveness of the course you want to take but we are aware that this is actually what happens most of the time. 


Our Mission is to make learning non-negotiable

A CEO Woman

Our Journey So Far



We started as a simple in person small school that wanted to help foreigners to learn italian in an effective way in Italy


We launched OUR own Online Program

Creating life-long friendship with the people that you'll encounter along the way


DreamOra in progress

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