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Meet Global Classmates living all over the world

Every semester, around 100 people from 10 different countries study at DreamOra and the majority of these people enroll in the Regular Group Program.

College Classroom

DreamOra Italian classes are small and offer many opportunities for interaction

to take place with the teacher and other students in class.

The average number of students in one class is approximately 7 to 9, never more than 11.

Group classes offer reasonable yet high-quality learning at the same time.

Small group sessions maximize student participation and as a result, encourage actual communication among students

If you ever feel that your current teacher doesn't fit your preferred learning style,

feel free to contact us. We will introduce another teacher that suits best for you.

Upcoming Classes

Reserve your spot today


  • Please fill this form.

  • Enroll as early as possible to join this course. Because the number of students for this class is limited and early enrollment facilitates optimal language learning

  • After payment, please install "Telegram" and send a message with your Receipt ( to be invited to the announcement group.

  • You will be invited to classroom three days before your semester starts.

  • Take Italian classes according to your schedule!

  • Not sure which course or plan to choose?

Speak to one of our course consultants and they’ll help you choose the right plan.


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